Advanced Bulk Logistics NETWORK

Welcome to the Flexitank Group Franchise Network.

For long time, Flexitank Group has marketed pioneer services and products in the world of bulk logistics which offer vertical solutions for the supply chain in the food, chemical, environmental and governmental sectors.

Our high added value logistics combines the tailor-made product design of intermediate storage systems engineering with its manufacturing processes and international transportation.

Now we are proud to introduce the first Flexitank operators network deeply specialized in the containerized bulk logistics providing a high level of expertise with the best protocols and know-how. This new concept is opened to partnerships worldwide with a revolutionary Franchise pattern program. Many people have worked hard to make this idea a reality, we are glad that we can work together with other companies to provide high quality products and services to the industry.

Innovation and challenges are accomplices of our passion, our Customers.


We are the first specialized network
for Flexitank Operators which includes a Franchise program.

Our specialized bulk packaging'scombined with an efficient logistics protocols help mitigate the impact of the carbon footprint on the environment while reducing supplying costs.

Flexitank Group is a pioneering concept founded to advocate for professionalization of the Flexitank logistics sector with deep values of innovation, passion for logistics and perseverance in the face of challenges. In a very short time, the proposal was recognized in the international market for its quality and decisive reliability in logistics as a benchmark in its field.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Today our vision for cooperation with new markets and its markedly innovative character positions the Flexitank Group as one of the leading proposals in generation of logistics know-how oriented to operations with Flexitanks in a Global environment.

MADE IN EUROPE TO THE WORLD.Our products are made in Europe. It means that our Group goes further the high quality and an excellent final product. Our philosophy goes about the commitment with the local dealers around the world is the key point link with the territory. The ethical and the local cultural values mixed with approaches of high levels of quality and innovation set course for success.

ETHICS. The pillars of relational vision are based on an honest and transparent relationship with our partners, clients and the environment. Our motto "Professional loyalty".



Global Network + Flexitank Operator Franchise

We are the first organization that presents strategy focused in networking, with a concept based in the Franchise approach for the bulk logistics industry. We lead members to meet like-minded people who have the same business mentality and approach to developing reciprocal business.



Become Specialist

Be a bulk liquid logistics Specialist in your zone and offer the best value for money bulk liquid transport solution.

On Rails

Thanks to our excellent knowledgebase our full experienced Franchise Team has designed vertical service levels which focuses on specialized tools and protocols giving support to the end-customers in every specific sector.


Our affiliated Operators can benefit from our specialized products as well as specific protocols with the best practices and knowledge to properly serve its end-customers.