"The great opportunity."
The first FRANCHISE approach for the Flexitank sector."


The Benefits

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Flexitank Group offers a consolidated franchise, based in the know-how of the own step-through and in innovation permanent, with sales results, margin and very competitive costs. The first Flexitank Operator franchise. Complement your service portfolio and the potential of your company.



For your Customers

  • Buyers/Suppliers diversification through access to the new markets.
  • New sales channels.
  • New instrument for risk mitigation.
  • Secure business in the emerging markets.
  • Cost-effective logistics solution:
    o Flexitank vs Drums up to 40% cheaper
    o Flexitank vs. IBCs up to 30% cheaper
    o Flexitank vs. ISO-tank up to 20% cheaper


For your Business

  • Global partnership that extends your business to a global scale.
  • Immediate access to the new technology that has a tremendous growth potential.
  • Access to emerging markets with fewer risks and efforts.
  • Business expansion through service diversification.
  • Compatible with your current business strategy.
  • Additional revenue streams.
Flexitank Group Local Expertise


Members have access to professional partners from all over the world. All members are filtered and hand-picked agents to ensure the quality and credibility of the service. In an instant, an agent can have hundreds of good Flexitank Operator partners, through Flexitank Group membership, who are ready to cooperate within the bulks shipping industry.



See what we can do for you

Top Quality Products

Manufactured in Europe with full certified materials, recognized added value and quality.

Active and Supportive Network

Network management that protects, assists and promotes your esteemed company in transport of liquids or solids via containerized bulk logistics field.

Full Connected

Share with partners who have good connections with heavy industry, exporters and importers which also can provide business to your company.

Branding Services

Worldwide presence under International brand and operational capabilities through experienced partners.

Technical Support

Portfolio set of Certificates, Approvals, Technical Data & Operational Manuals deeply specialized which grant worry-Free background.

Factory Stock Management

Stock coordinated with direct-line factory production.

Marketing and Sales support for members

Today our vision for cooperation with new markets and its markedly innovative character positions the Flexitank Group as one of the leading proposals in generation of logistics know-how oriented to operations with Flexitanks in a Global environment.

Sales training and information materials

Customer’s presentation brochures

Online technical and information support

Account manager, available to provide all kind of assistance

Ready to Apply? BECOME A MEMBER!

If you would like to become a member, please follow the member registration application process. These are the steps


Sign-up form

Online application Form submit

Online application form must be filled and submitted with all required information.

Apply form



Review membership request

Upon the application form is received, our team will review membership request and guide the applicant if it is eligible to join among The World's Best Flexitank Operator Specialist.



Applicant contact

Note that we will contact applicant's references submitted in application form to confirm the commercial relationship of referenced company with the applicant and check its satisfaction level about the applicant's service quality.